Man's priceless reaction after finding out he spoke to Telma TV
Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Telma TV is probably the most disliked station in Macdonia, and not because it's funded from USAid and the US Embassy. The SDS TV channel is a mouthpiece for the foreign factor in Macedonia.

The following video, although hilarious, shows just how divided Macedonian society is.  An older man is giving an interview to TV Telma, not realizing that's the TV channel he is to talking to. Another older gentlemen approaches him and tells him "You're talking to Telma"!

The reaction of the man is priceless.

Telma is uber anti-government, and frankly anti-Macedonian. It was on this TV channel were "experts" were called in to explain that the Macedonian language is fascist, and 'other' languages should be made official?!

Enjoy the clip:



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