Aegean Macedonians denounce Trifun Kostovski's comments
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Association of Children Refugees from Aegean Macedonia called on businessman Trifun Kostovski to apologize for his recent comment that the "Aegeans" should not interfere in Macedonian politics.

"We do not need divisions between the Macedonian people, we mustn't divide ourselves on people from the Vardar, Aegean or Pirin, because we all live in one country and should fight for its unitary character together. Today we leave a flower at the monument to the children expelled by the Greek monarcho-fascist regime 69 years ago, and are now scattered across the world. We call on Kostovski and on General Atanasovski to stop dividing the Macedonian people", Association representative Kire Stevanovski said on Wednesday.

Tens of thousands of Macedonian children and youngsters were evacuated from Aegean Macedonia - now northern Greece - at the end of the Greek Civil War as the Greek army was advancing. Many of them were refused entry to then Yugoslavia and were raised in various Soviet bloc countries only to return to Macedonia incrementally, or fled to Australia and the United States. Considering that VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Grueski originates from the Aegean part of Macedonia, left wing commentators such as the Communist era officer Atanasovski and now Trifun Kostovski have accused VMRO-DPMNE of being led by what they derogatorily call "Aegeans".

Kostovski made his comment in connection with the protests held against the adoption of the Tirana platform by the former Communist SDSM party. A prominent protest leader, director Boris Damovski, also originates from Aegean Macedonia, and Kostovski called on the "Aegeans" to go back and fight for their rights in Greece, and not in Macedonia. Kostovski, who made his money in the messy transition from Communism to free market economics by usurping state owned capital, is the former Mayor of Skopje and has often raised the possibility of running for a higher office.


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