The US Embassy in Macedonia has 55 'diplomats', three times more than Bulgaria
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The United States has two, three times more diplomats in Macedonia compared to much larger nations around the world.

The official information from the US State Department is that there are 55 permanent diplomats in Macedonia led by Jess Baily. There are 28 US diplomats classified as "secretary", 15 individuals without an official title, among which is the head of the USAid, and 11 military attaches. 

This number compared to countries around Macedonia, paints a rather strange image.

Macedonia is one of the leading nations in the world by density, i.e. with number of US diplomats/sq km. 

Macedonia has 25,713 sq km, which means the US has one diplomat per 467 sq km, and one diplomat per 34,545 people.

Comparing our country to Bulgaria, the US State Department shows only 18 diplomats. Comparing apples to apples, Bulgaria has 1 US diplomat/110,897 people and one diplomat per 6,159 sq/m.

 Interestingly enough, the US State Department has nearly identical number of diplomats in Serbia! Serbia has 53, while Ankara, who has been rocked by multiple coups has 120.

The Turkish - Macedonian connection with US Ambassador Jess Baily is a glaring one. Baily managed the first (Taxim Sqr protests) coup which was suppose to remove Erdogan from power. The coup failed and Ankara gave Baily the boot. 

Serbia has over three times (7 million) the Macedonian population, but it has 2 diplomats fewer than Macedonia.

The new US embassy was opened in July 2009, it's the biggest US Embassy in southern Europe by size with over 8,000 sq meters, which once again is very disproportional for the size of the country. There are over 300 employees at the US Embassy, whose structure has at least four floors below ground occupied by the CIA and other US intel agencies - according to radio Skopje's Aleksandar Chomovski.

Brazil, one of the largest countries in the world by land and population, has four diplomats fewer than Macedonia. Sweden, with 10m people in the country, has 34 US diplomats working in the country, 21 fewer than Macedonia.


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