US based NED and Soros to pay provocateurs in Macedonia $100/incident
Wednesday, 15 March 2017


 Soros and USAid funded Civil 'NGO' has started a campaign which will encourage citizens to stage provocations with others and film the incident with their cell phones in order to get paid. Each incident is to be compensated with $100, reports Vecer.

"Civil" is an NGO founded by Xhabir Derala who openly supports the radicalization of muslim minorities in the country. This NGO has received over $500,000 mainly from USAid and Soros, which as we know are essentially intertwined entities who have the same progressive agendas and political goals. Their new project called "We are the media" is in the begining stages where everything will be 'video' based with the goal of filming alleged absues, intimidation, corruption, abuse of public office etc. This is the formal idea, however, Vecer reports anyone who stages and films provocations or incidents and films it, will be awarded $100.

Essentially, Civil wants to replace the opposition journalists and turn citizens into provocateurs whose job is to stage incidents. The majority of these people will be both Macedonians and albanians with more emphasis on the latter.

One individual who did this for a living is Sashe Ivanovski, who called himself Politiko. He frequently provoked and got in the face of politicians and businessmen while filming with his phone. And yes, on several occasions he received epic punches.

 The first training for provocateurs is to be held in hotel 'Montenegro' in Struga, reports Vecer. The main financier of this project is the US based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) well known for their ties to the CIA. The NED has been referred to as the "Legal Window of the CIA", often involved in financing Coups around the world. Soros' Open Society is also backing the project financially.

One of the first jobs for the provocateurs is to stage incidents with the Macedonians who are currently protesting for united Macedonia and against the Tirana platform.

 Civil's founder Xhabir Derala met with Zoran Zaev last week to discuss this new initiative.


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