Debar native and albanian MP goes on anti-Macedonian rant
Wednesday, 15 March 2017


 Albanian MP Mesila Doda, whose family hails from the small Macedonian town of Debar, 3km from the Albanian border is well known for her nationalistic rhetoric and stirring ethnic tensions.

Ethnic Macedonians in Albania say she is well known for her absurd statements not just there, but in Greece and now in Macedonia. Her mission in life as she has stated is the "rights" of albanians in Greece and Macedonia.

Kim Fetahu, from the Macedonian organization "Peace" in Tirana says he doesn't understand Doda's hatred towards Macedonia because her family hails from Debar.

After being a TV presenter and journalist, Melisa Doda enters politics in 2001 as an MP for Sali Berisha's Democratic Party. With decline of Berisha's party, Doda switches allegiance and joins the party for justice and integration which is backed and represents the Chami people hailing from Greece. Now, when a politician switches political parties, in a major way unearths the character of the individual. She switched to a party who was in partnership with Edi Rama, the current Prime Minister. In other words, the switch was simply so she could stay in power.

Today, Melisa Doda fights for more LGBT rights, homosexual marriages... essentially she has adopted the Soros progressive agenda.

She received attention in Macedonian media, due to a speech in Peshkopi, where Doda raised eyebrows by claiming there is no such thing as Macedonia, but instead the country is called Ilirida and asked albanian sons to take up arms against Macedonia. Waving her hand like deranged lunatic, the albanian MP suggested albanians should take arms against this phantom country (Macedonia) and die for the creation of Ilirida! She has sugessted the same for Greece, according to Doda, albanians must take and free their terriroties in both Macedonia and Greece.

Macedonians in Ohrid appear to be in trouble, because according to Doda, Ohrid is an albanian town.


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