RTS: USAid and American Embassy in Macedonia Spent $25m to putsch Conservative Govt
Thursday, 16 March 2017


The Tirana platform, although drafted in Tirana was drafted really a long time ago by the Clintons and continued by the Obama administration. The owner of the platform is Edi Rama, a well known Soros' student, says Serbian analyst Srgjan Perisih during a debate on Macedonia in Belgrade based RTS show "Aspekt".

"We discussed the activities of the former US administration not just in Macedonia, but across the Balkans. The US Ambassador in Macedonia Jess Baily spent $25m only in the past two years financing the opposition in the country, various leftists groups and organizations and is directly behind the financing of the so called colorful revolution. So, pay attention, through the US Ambassador and USAid, the State Department spent $5m and USAid $20m to remove the Conservative government from power - says Perisic.

Perisis went on to say the "project" for creating a third albanian state in the Balkans was synchronized between Washington, Tirana and London, even Brussels was included to a certain point.


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