The original Tirana Platform given to Edi Rama and handed to puppets in SDS and DUI
Friday, 17 March 2017

Macedonian daily NetPress got their hands on the so called Tirana Platform, the original version of the document

CIA's John Brennan and his colleagues in MI6 didn't master the albanian language in time, so they handed their platform in English. Or better yet, Edi Rama felt it would be best to give instructions to Baily's puppets in Macedonia in English, even though Ali Ahmeti, Sela and Bejta can't speak a word of English.

Every single statement in the document can be easily classified as an actual provocation. But this document was meant as such. It was meant to create tensions, preferably a regional conflict as no one sane would agree to anything that's written in it, unless of course your name is Zoran Zaev.

We've already reported that the CIA and few NATO members during the Clinton era had already circulated similar document back in 2001. 

The sheer stupidity displayed from the first to the last sentence in this so called "platform" is simply incredible. This document reminded us of the interview Soros gave for the BBC in which he stated (with a straight face) that he felt no guilt sending Jews to concentration camps while he stole their belongings. "If it wasn't me, someone else would have done it" reasoned Soros. 

This document makes similar statements, with a straight face... the terrorists from Kumanovo, Brodec, Sopot.. ought to be freed, of course once international 'experts' were included, preferably those who hired the terrorists.

Pay attention to the language used where in Macedonia live albanians, and "other people". 

We also enjoyed the piece where "it has been determined that Macedonia has no alternatives, and must enter NATO and EU".  Determined by who? The fools still don't seem to understand that it's the Macedonians who will determine everything from now on...

Here are the 7 points John Brennan and Co. put together, and since both Brennan and Co got fired, the document is officially 'owned' by Edi Rama. 

Тиранска платформа

Тиранска платформа

Тиранска платформа

Тиранска платформа




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