SDS to attempt to create illegal Govt via Parliament
Friday, 17 March 2017

SDSM filed Friday an initiative for resumption of the Parliament's constitutive session, supported by the signatures by 67 MPs.

"Today we filed an initiative to the Parliament so that no one has any doubts over the parliamentary majority supported by the 67 MP signatures, despite the fact that the Rules of Procedures does not require this for resumption of the constitutive session. We expect Trajko Veljanoski to immediately schedule the continuation of the constitutive session so that this institution representing the citizens of Macedonia starts functioning", Oliver Spasovski, MP and SDSM secretary-general, told reporters after filing the initiative.

He added the first step would be the election of a Parliament Speaker, thus removing "the final unreasonable argument of President Ivanov, who is obliged to give the mandate for the government formation to SDSM leader Zoran Zaev".

Asked if there is agreement over the composition of the Parliament's Committee on Election and Appointment Issues, Spasovski said they expected a coordination meeting of MP groups prior to the resumption of the constitutive session.

Regarding the absence of a deadline for the session's scheduling, he voiced expectation that all MPs, including the former Speaker, should demonstrate responsibility.

Spasovski added that the candidate for the Parliament Speaker would be discussed after the session is scheduled.

The Parliament's constitutive session was held on 30 December 2016, but was interrupted because a parliamentary majority required for the election of a Speaker was not secured.


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