Macedonians protest in Berlin, want end to 'name negotiations' with Greece
Sunday, 19 March 2017

A peaceful protest was staged Saturday in downtown Berlin dubbed "Macedonians For Unitary Macedonia", MIA's correspondent reports from the German capital.

Organizers say the protest, held in front of the Brandenburg Gate, is a show of support for the protests standing with united Macedonia that are taking place for 20 days across Macedonia.

"Macedonians in Germany, an unbreakable part of the people of Macedonia, by holding a peaceful protest voice concern about the unitary nature and statehood of Macedonia, over the country's name and the identity of the nation," reads a declaration of the Macedonian community presented today at the protest.

According to the document, Macedonians in Germany denounce federalization and attempts made at making Albanian the second official language in the country.

From the Berlin protest, Macedonians in Germany have called on democratic countries to support the unitary nature and statehood of Macedonia, in which everyone is equal before the Constitution and the law, regardless of one's social status, ethnic origin, religious affiliation and political views.

Also, they demand an end to negotiations about the name row between Macedonia and Greece and a resumption of the country's membership in the UN and other international organizations under the state name Macedonia, with no transcription in Latin of Macedonian. They say they champion the use of the English translation 'Republic of Macedonia' with the possibility to use 'The Republic of' to clearly distinguish from the norther Greek province of the same name and the southwestern province in Bulgaria.

In the declaration presented today, the Macedonian community in Germany reject any possible attempts to change the name, flag, coat of arms and the anthem of Macedonia and demand that a population census should be held urgently. They say they will denounce any future government coalition that will not respect this declaration.

"The Constitution of Macedonia, which enshrines equality of all Macedonian citizens in line with all international standards, must serve as the only platform that will lay ground for co-existence and future in an independent and sovereign Macedonia," protest organizers say adding the declaration will be sent to several international organizations, including the UN Security Council, the Council of Europe, the EU, OSCE and to political subjects in Macedonia.


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