United for Macedonia organizers want a meeting with visiting Eurocrats
Monday, 20 March 2017

Ahead of a visit to Macedonia of the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, representatives of the civic initiative "For United Macedonia" said they would request a sitdown with the EU official to presented the initiative's demands. 

"We are a reality, no one should and no one must not ignore the 200,000 citizens who are protesting daily. Unfortunately, the EU so far has been ignoring us, as well as the citizens of Macedonia. We will denounce any government that will abide by a platform drafted outside Macedonia under the auspices of foreign prime ministers," Igor Durlovski, member of the civil imitative, said Sunday speaking to members of the media outside the offices of the EU delegation in Skopje.

"For United Macedonia" has been organizing protests across the country for more than two weeks as a show of support for the unitary character of Macedonia.

"We ask Mr Hahn to meet with us in order to present to him our objectives and demands. If they are ignored, it could trigger further risks. If the EU advocates for respect of the civil society, then it should take concrete action. For starters, they can arrange a meeting with us. Hahn's disregard would be considered an insincere treatment and a show of unfortunate intentions of the EU towards the Republic of Macedonia," Durlovski stated.


European Commission spokesperson Maja Kocijancic said Monday that Commissioner Hahn received other requests for meetings, but that he and the three accompanying Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Eduard Kukan, Knut Fleckenstein and Ivo Vajgl, would meet only with representatives of the Macedonian political parties.

"As I already said on Friday, he is due to meet political representatives. It is true there were other requests as well, and very often when he travels to the country we try to meet as many interlocutors as possible, including from the civil society, but this time the commissioner will meet the political representatives as the agenda does not allow for more", said Kocijancic.

Over the weekend, "For Joint Macedonia" front runners asked for a meeting with the Commissioner and the MEPs during their visit to Skopje on Tuesday. 


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