German MP: The West prefers albanians because they're world's best Vassals
Monday, 20 March 2017

German MP Dr. Alexander Neu stated that the few western countries who continue to meddle in Macedonia's internal affairs must respect the country's sovereignty.

- To respect someone's sovereignty is to not meddle in that country's internal affairs. Yet, we all know that both Berlin and Brussels continue to meddle in the internal affairs of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Macedonia is under pressure. Lets talk about the Ohrid Agreement. Macedonia was blackmailed into signing this agreement by the US and NATO. The agreement granted massive concessions to the ethnic Albanian minority much to the detriment of every other minority, incuding the Macedonians themselves - says Dr. Neu who was part of the OSCE mission in Kosovo back in 1999 and has good knowledge of the region.

- What happens in Kosovo today has been ongoing. We are witnessing albanians provoking the Serbs, but Brussels has no comment.  When the Serbs respond, Brussels is hysterical and is seeking answers from the Serbs!? We saw the same thing in 2001 in Macedonia. Western nations openly supported albanian separatists and terrorists and opposed any action by the Macedonians. Not much has changed since then unfortunately - says Dr. Neu.

According to Dr. Neu, the West loves albanians because they are the best vassals anyone can ask for.

- The Macedonians and Serbs first and foremost have different culture than what we see today in the west. Culturally they are closer to Russia, which is logical. Often both look at what's best for them, and this is the 'probem'. The west loves the albanians, not because of their culture or lack of it, but because they are the world's best vassals and obey orders without questions. 

According to Dr. Neu, Macedonia need to set its own course, not put all their efforts into joining NATO. The country need to focus on its sovereignty, economy, strength and seek a neutral status.


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