VMRO-DPMNE quickly go from Fake Patriots to Traitors
Monday, 20 March 2017

 The saying "it's better to have a lion leading donkeys than a donkey leading lions" rings especially true these days in  Macedonia.

Tomorrow EU's Commissioner Johannes Hahn arrives in Macedonia, with a clear goal in mind to legalize and finally complete the destruction of Macedonia, started in 2001. Hahn has a good working relationship with Nikola Gruevski. In 2016, the slick Austrian told Gruevski he needs to step down for a month, so they can organize elections with Hahn himself guaranteeing him he would be back as Prime Minister. Gruevski and his subpar "advisors" accepted the deal. The elections were delayed, delayed again, then postponed, and Gruevski has been out of his PM slot for over a year and a half.  It's precisely what Brussels and Washington wanted, to remove Gruevski from the picture to weaken the party. 

Our old pal and EU saboteur, Johannes Hahn is now once again visiting Macedonia. Considering the VMRO DPMNE leadership are donkeys, at this point no one really knows what else they are going to sign.

The goal since 2012 has been to prevent massive Russian and Chinese investments in the Balkans, however the investment connection is Athens, Solun, Skopje, Belgrade and Budapest. John Kerry had announced himself "Macedonia is in the line of fire". Out of these cities and their respected countries, Macedonia was picked as the weakest and a perfect place to break the connecting chain, thus all resources are focused on it since 2014. Hungary and Serbia are no go zones, while Greece will be rocked, but not as bad or as easy as Macedonia. From this, Hahn's mission is very clear. He needs to circumvent the Macedonian constitution, president Ivanov and the will of the people, and insert a criminal as a Prime Minister of Macedonia, and a terrorist as president of Macedonian Parliament. 

This is where the demented VMRO-DPMNE comes into play. These idiots will sign anything, and have already shown us that, repeatedly. Przino Agreement 3 is coming this way. VMRO-DPMNE has read a proclamation that they will prosecute Soros NGOs and will no longer consider or sign any agreements drafted by a foreign party. However, Soros NGOs haven't been touched, let alone kiced out, while Gruevski is already discussing new agreements into play!

First, I personally know few MPs in VMRO-DPMNE. Would certainly not classify them as "traitors". However, to me, it is becoming apparent that the leadership in this party is being blackmailed and has done something illegal for them to "go along" with this nonsense. 

VMRO-DPMNE is pressured to ignore the people, over 200,000 that protest daily. The party itself, ncluding leadership figures have been infiltrated by individuals who can best be described as quislings. This is well known for at least five years, yet some of these people have even become Ministers. Poposki and Jolevski are just the begining. A combination of this and the likelihood that leadership figures are compromised explains their repeated treasonous moves.

It also explains why no VMRO-DPMNE MP has been seen at any of the protests. If the party's rhetoric allegedly matches with that of the protesters, then why is the party not leading the charge?  All we see are FakeBook posts by fake patriots within the VMRO-DPMNE. Each of their posts is full of energy and patriotism, yet everything they do in public is just the opposite!

According to my sources within the VMRO-DPMNE, the party will take Hahn's new Przino 3 agreement and will present it as their own.  Allegedly, the party will keep their 'promise' of not considering or signing foreign agreements, so will try to fool everyone by taking Brussels' orders and present them as their own. Gruevski will likely present this "new agreement" next week. It's expected for the quislings within the VMRO-DPMNE leadership to pressure president Ivanov as well.

Once again, the people protesting will be ignored, but at what cost?

The Macedonians have a double threat in both the VMRO-DPMNE and SDS. No matter what agreement is made, the voice of the people protesting every day must be heard and they must be part of any agreements or negotiations. VMRO-DPMNE and SDS no longer represent the Macedonian people. //Gorazd Velkovski


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