Serbia's Air Defense Solved - Will get S300 from Russia
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

 In the coming weeks, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic will meet with Putin in Moscow. The primary reason for this visit is for Serbia to receive the coveted S-300 anti-aircraft system, reports Belgrade daily Informer.

Serbian and Russian officials have already met to discuss the transaction.

The S-300 system cost around $120m each. Official Belgrade will struck a special deal with Russia and lease the system, thus saving substantial money, but still obtaining the system. Russia has similar deal with India for their submarines.

The S-300 system will be defacto owned by Russia, however Serbia will pay a "subscription" fee and utilize the system.

Needless to say, if Belgrade had this type of system in 1999, the outcome of the NATO air agression would have been much different. In fact, there may not have been an air agression in the first place, as NATO refrains from attacking nations who have good anti-aircraft weapons in place.

According to Informer, the deal has already been made, what remains now is the official meeting between Vućić and Putin.

Former Serbian DM Bratislav Gašić says the S-300 system will put his country well above the rest not just in the region but in Europe as very few countries have such systems. "With the new MiG29s, and now the S-300 system, we'll certainly be above the rest in the region, but also be a major factor of stability" says Gašić. 


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