Hahn in the footsteps of Mogherini, visit to Macedonia an epic debacle
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We understand that the EU is falling apart, we haven't seen Juncker sober since 2010, but what we witnessed with Mogherini and now Hahn can only be described as pure amateurism, childish behavior unlike we have ever seen.

First it was Mogherini who came with an agenda to force a country to do something, even though 85% of the country is telling her that her opinion and that of her bosses does not matter outside their office, certainly not in Macedonia. After receiving a cold shower in Macedonia, Mogherini was shut down, literally, in Serbia, where they didn't even let her speak. In Montenegro she spoke to empty chairs, while in Bosnia, she wasn't even allowed to visit! Epic debacle that would embarrass anyone that identifies themselves as human, except for Soros bot Federica Mogherini.

Next is Soros bot #2, Johannes Hahn, a controversial and corrupt EU official. The EU Commissioner invited himself to Macedonia, with no official protocol or agenda for the visit. Hahn believed a Government must be formed even though three 'minor' things are in the way: the winning party disagrees, the president will not issue a mandate and there are 200,000 people protesting every day against a foreign platform.

To make matters much worse for Hahn, president Ivanov served a humility notice and told the EU bureaucrat he will not meet him, no need for a meeting, his cabinet said. 

In a manner of a street bully, Hahn showed up anyways. Despite having free time due to Ivanov's cancellation, Hahn refused to meet representatives of 85% of the Macedonian population! If you believe Commissioner Hahn has criteria or integrity, he doesn't, because in 2016 the Commissioner twice met with representatives of Soros NGOs in Macedonia.

With each visit and each statement Hahn lowered his IQ. According to the EU bureaucrat, the Tirana platform is not important, what is important is the fact that he thinks it's Zaev that needs to form a Government?! 

Then we have the EU and US installed SPO which has entered every TV station and newspaper not under the control of Soros, USAid and western Embassies. Today, there is an actual document confirming that the EU bureaucrats are not interested in any reforms, rights, freedoms, but instead all they were doing over the past 8 years is to weaken Gruevski and to prepare the country for a coup and install an albanian PM to sell our name to Greece. Good lesson for Naive Inc, aka VMRO-DPMNE.

 Hahn's statements have reduced himself to the level of Zoran Zaev, who as we know contradicts himself in the same sentence. Hahn has become the new village idiot who came to Macedonia to outwit our president?! Instead what he accomplished is to infuriate the public even more, and now it appears that may have been his goal?

Meanwhile, Macedonia is quite lucky to have intelligentsia along the likes of German Ambassador Christine Althauser. She met with DUI's Teuta Arifi and reported to media that she had a breakthrough: "Macedonia needs to form a Government with Zaev in charge, and then to think of all the problem facing the country" says Althauser.

The Germans apparently boil potatoes by first putting potatoes in, and then add the water later. We don't know how things function in Germany, but in Macedonia, before a new Government is elected, the old one remains in place. We do have a Government.

Interestingly enough, there has been no comments from Charles Garrett, the British saboteur who sacrificed two of his nationals in Kumanovo, one of them received a helicopter projectile...made the Queen proud.

Next step is for Mufti Merkel to float 'sanctions' against Ivanov and Gruevski. This scare tactic already attempted in 2014 was put through German media as a warning to Macedonia's leadership to play ball and not impede the destruction of their country. Yes, this will work as good as Hahn's visit. //Gorazd Velkovski


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