Chargers filed against head of SDS in Kumanovo for attacking protester
Friday, 24 March 2017

Kumanovo police informed that it has filed charges against 34 year old M.K., head of the SDSM party branch in Kumanovo, for an assault he carried out against a 56 year old protester on Tuesday.

The incident happened during the mass protests organized by the association For a United Macedonia, to coincide with the visit of European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, and the renewed pressures to form an SDSM led Government.

A number of farmers driving tractors were leading a procession of thousands of Kumanovo citizens who oppose the idea of an SDSM led Government and the controversial Tirana platform. M.K. attacked ne of the farmers, cursing him and a 23 year old man who was driving the following tractor. At one point M.K. began punching the older protester and inflicted injuries to his neck and back.

Police determined that M.K. was drunk when he carried out the attack. He is being charged with violent conduct.


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