Vucic: Serbia will never become part of NATO
Friday, 24 March 2017

Serbia today commemorated the 18 year anniversary of NATO's attack on Serbia and Montenegro, a war crime not seen in Europe since WW2.

19 Nations attacked Serbia and Montenegro, under the pretenses they were trying to 'save' civilians in Kosovo. During the process, NATO killed hundreds of civilians in Kosovo (the ones it was allegedly saving), dropped thousands of kg of depleted uranium, but it also destroyed Serbia's infrastructure (hospitals, schools, bridges, apartment buildings...), killing over 4,500 civilians in the process and injuring additional 8,000. It even directly hit and destroyed the Chinese Embassy, Serbia's State TV (killing 6 journalists), and a civilian train Nish-Skopje killing 26 people on board, including children.

The agression was led primarily by the United States, UK and Germany with Italy providing logistical support.

NATO dropped a pair of massive bombs in Macedonia, near the factory for weapons production "Suvenir Samokov" after the western alliance became suspicious Macedonia was helping the Serbs defend themselves by supplying weapons. At the time NATO claimed it dropped the bombs by accident even though the factory is in Makedonski Brod, deep in central Macedonia.

During the commemoration, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic stated Serbia will never become member of the Western military alliance. "We can't be part of an alliance that killed our children, or part of any other alliance." added Vucic.

The NATO aggression lasted for 78 days.

Despite Serbia's efforts to become part of the EU, official Belgrade has already aligned themselves strategically with Russia who is now providing all of their miliraty needs, including the coveted S-300 anti-aircraft system, tanks, fighter jets, APCs etc.


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