Another Drug Trafficker Tied to Zoran Zaev arrested
Friday, 24 March 2017


In the early hours this morning, police raided several locations and arrested Sami F. from the village of Odri (Tearce) known SDS activist who met and coordinated with SDS general secretary Petre Shilegov and Zaev during the elections and in the runoff voting in Tearce. 

Ferit I. from Tetovo and Menduh A. from the village of Poroj were also arrested and brought in front of a judge.

All three were arrested for drug possession (700g heroin, 300g cocaine, 580 extasy pills and 10kg of marijuana). The SDS activist was arrested at his home while the other two were caught in the process of drug trafficking when a drop off was scheduled to be made in the village of Dzepchishte.

Just a week ago, another SDS activist and the brother of the head of the SDS Office in Arachinovo was arrested on similar drug trafficking chargers.


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