Stoilkovic: Lets blame Russia for 25 years of Western Terrorism in the Balkans
Sunday, 26 March 2017

The leader of the Serbian minority in Macedonia Ivan Stoilkovic and the president of the Democratic Party of the Serbs in the country in coalition with the ruling Government asks which organizations have prevented Macedonia's EU integration, who created the conflict in 2001?

Was it Russia, or was it a NATO protectorate who sent their proxies across the border under the watchful eye of the US and EU? asks rhetorically Stoilkovic.

 To the ever increasing comments by EU officials that the Balkans were "under threat" from Russia, Stoilkovic waving his hand says this is stupidity of monumental proportions that no one believes in, even the EU officials who are selling it.

"The so called euro-atlantic integration are persistent in the Balkans for 25 years now. They have complete monopol over everyone and everything, from economical, societal and cultural processes, every single activity in the Balkans has their stamp on it. Instead of jointly creating a democratic nation with clear rights and obligations that guarantee the dignity and survival of the state, the euro-atlantic forces created a hybrid nation, a surrogate which they can shape and form into anything that suits their current geopolitical agenda and interests. Of course, when this political lunacy backfires, and it always does, the very people who are behind it blame Russia for it!" says Stoilkovic.

"But what bothers me the most, is that these euro-atlantic political terrorists and lunatics consider us to be so naive and frankly stupid, because look what we have allowed them to do to us! We're the indians at the reservation. It's our country and these EU officials are coming in, telling us this is no longer our land and our country, it now belongs to them and they will tell us how we're going to live from now on. Pretty soon they will tell us that the monkeys came about via a reverse evolution, from humans. And so it goes, the people who have been terrorizing us for 25 years now blame Russia for it, and we seem to be ok with all this." concludes Stoilkovic.


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