SDS nominates UCK's Talat Xhaferi for Parliament Speaker
Monday, 27 March 2017

SDS has filed a motion supported by 20 MPs for the election of a Parliament Speaker because the debate on the election of a chairperson and members of the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues has become pointless.

MP Petre Silegov told a press conference that former UCK member Talat Xhaferi of DUI is their candidate for Parliament Speaker.

"The only role of this committee was to put forward a candidate for Parliament Speaker. Since the debate has become pointless, there is no need to go on any further with this item on the agenda", said Silegov.

He urged VMRO-DPMNE MPs to stop with the Parliament's obstruction by continually replying to themselves and allow the parliamentary majority to elect a Speaker.

Silegov stressed they would use all options available in order to prevent VMRO-DPMNE from actions that violate the Parliament's Rules of Procedure.


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