BESA wants parity with DUI to enter SDS led Government
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The BESA party announced it will not support Talat Xhaferi's nomination as Speaker of Parliament, after his name was jointly put forward by SDSM and DUI. BESA is one of the three parties representing ethnic Albanians that support the idea of having SDSM leader Zoran Zaev get the mandate to form the next Government, but its intense rivalry with DUI and its hopes of making further inroads among ethnic Albanian voters at DUI's expense have announced the relationship in the possible future coalition will be tricky. 

"If it is up to a DUI candidate to begin the first step toward reforms, then thank you, but we do not support such reforms. This party served Nikola Gruevski faithfully for ten year and are them main culprits for the crisis. DUI is responsible for staged political processes, poverty, emigration, distancing from the Euri-Atlantic integrations, the Skopje 2014 project. DUI can't bring reforms to the country", said Afrim Gashi, BESA member of Parliament.

SDSM has 49 seats in Parliament, and DUI has 10, while BESA has five. The Alliance of Albanians added three more votes to the possible coalition. SDSM needs 61 votes in Parliament to elect a Speaker and a Government. BESA still hasn't made it clear whether it will join the Government, with its leader Bilal Kasami indicating that if it is to be in the Government, it will want parity with DUI in the division of departments. 

BESA won over a significant number of DUI supporters and propelled itself to second place among parties that represent ethnic Albanians in its first general election. It seems eager to remain in the opposition and target DUI from the outside to improve its standing for the municipal elections that should be held in the Spring, or if there is agreement to hold early general elections as VMRO-DPMNE has requested.


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