Macedonian ties to Russia are undeniable
Tuesday, 28 March 2017


 It's a cliche to discuss quazi-analysts, quazi-experts, quazi-journalists and all sorts of other quazis considering the fact in the last three years we live in a quazi-reality, presented by increasingly better organized foreign financed quazi-projects whose purpose is enriching the process of spreading propaganda which is creating our quazi-reality.

We have 'professors' who spent majority of their careers as bodyguards, doorman and never as experts whose opinion and analysis was incorporated into a state policy. These experts are today marginalized.

Even more disturbing are the people whose journalistic 'career' was built on someone they knew at the MOI who connected them to information based on their own agenda, in return these journalists asked to be moved up in their 'careers'.

It's precisely these types of people today who are selling themselves as foreign financed experts, and are speaking of morals, ideology, geopolitics etc. Chomovski, Branko Geroski, Blazevska, Jovanovski... these are the quazi-experts and Soros bought puppets that today see Russia as a 'problem'? 

And, where is the problem with Russia? Where is the threat? Is Russia meddling, did they meet with the SEC chairmain trying to change the election results? No, that was the US Ambassador.

And since none of the local Soros quazi-experts can explain what is the Russian threat, their focus today is "they have interest here, especially after the Tirana platform". No sh*t Sherlock!

 Russia never stopped having geopolitical interest in the Balkans, just the same way the West and NATO have never stopped attempting to incorporate all of Balkans into its fray. Luckily, or unlucky, Macedonia had its destiny to be right at the center of it.

Russia had never stopped receiving support from people across the Balkans, particularly in Macedonia. We don't need to get into the details why Russia has deserved the sympathy of Macedonians (similar language, cultural and religious traditions), it's enough to only state that in the history of Macedonia, only the USSR Army has never raised a hand on the Macedonians. Never. Everyone else, including current members of NATO have fought against Macedonians. Bulgaria tried to annex the country as part of the Axis in WW2, Albania attempted the same in coalition with Italy, the British and the United States bombed Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia with napalm. What Greece has been doing to Macedonians is well documented. Thousands of Macedonians who fled Greece (Metaxas) were welcomed in the USSR.

 But this is not important to our foreign funded quazi experts. 

Each time official Moscow issues a press release on Macedonia, our quazi-experts tremble. Why? The press release of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has statements which are identical to the opinion of all Macedonians. What is so contested in Lavrov's call for political parties to calm down and keep Macedonia's territorial integrity intact? Or the fact Zakharova openly states western countries are meddling and destabilizing Macedonia attempting to install people without legitimacy to power. 

But the problem is not that Russia is naturally reacting about the situation in Macedonia, just as they react about any situation around the world where peace and stability is threatened. The problem here is the fear. God forbid Macedonia's enemies, pardon, meant to say "strategic partners" think for a second that a Macedonian politician is agreeing with Lavrov. We can't have that! But secretly, they all know Lavrov is right and agree with him.

For our foreign funded experts it's not a problem when Brussels, Washington, Berlin, Vienna, Pristina, Sofia, Athens or anyone else meddles in Macedonia's internal affairs and comments on the situation. They can do so at any time, are even encouraged to do it. They all have carte blanche to meddle, but not Russia, they can't even comment! Ironically, the same quazi-experts were rather pleased two yerars ago when Moscow clearly stated they will activate their defense mechanisms to protect their strategic interests in the Balkans after the western inspired terrorist attack in Kumanovo.

But when our quazi-experts who have never been involved in a crisis situation, when warfare is in the open, they have not a slightest idea how our "strategic partners" behaved towards our defenses. This is how we get our quazi-reality.

They don't know that NATO's Assistant to the General Secretary James Pardew entered our MoI, then invited himself to a session of our  Joint Chief of Staff and entered our presidential cabinet to threaten us that our police is forbidden from entering Ljubanci. Pardew told us that NATO has armed UCK very well and our police will need to wait for OSCE to give us a green light before they are evacuated. Pardew was threatening with deaths of our policemen. Just like today, they told us when we can have elections in our own country, it was the same warning as in 2001: no elections or deaths of policemen and civilians.

 Our quazi-experts don't know that Macedonian soldiers and police were not allowed to plan for any action without first notifying our "strategic partners" NATO and OSCE who then informed the UCK. Every single action and effort was sabotaged by NATO and OSCE.

Only activities coordinated by our army in great secrecy were successful. The cost for not notifying NATO and OSCE were more terrorist attacks the following day. 

But this is not a problem according to our quazi experts. The problem is a press release from 10,000km away.

Today, the majority of our quazi experts work in western funded local media. German owned Deutche Welle is by far the biggest generator of propaganda in the country. The pro-fascist outlet has hired a handfull of Soros funded quazi experts whose job is to convince us that their Goebbels outlet is the way to go. We should trust a pro-fascist thought over the anti-fascist line from Russia.

The Goebbels derivates in Macedonia hold debates, compete who is going to come up with the most anti-Russian rhetoric. Their debates are watched by none, literally. In fact, the only thing these quazi-experts have done in their 'careers' is open the door to western terrorists arriving in Macedonia each time there was a conflict in the country.

Outside of the quazi-reality pushed by handful of people, the reality in Macedonia is vastly different.

The anti-NATO and anti-EU feelings among Macedonians is sky high. Macedonians are literally disgusted by any statements coming from NATO and EU regarding the country.  And this has nothing to do with anti-NATO rhetoric or pro Russia line.

The reason is simple: The people know that every single crisis in Macedonia after WW2 up to today is created by those in charge of the EU and NATO. The faster Macedonian politicians side with their people, the faster they will get back their credibility.

As for our quazi experts financed by Berlin, they will end up as our condom revolutionaries, tossed to the side. //Natalija Ivcheva, former Minister of Interior


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