Director of Ohrid Pension Fund tries to Illegally Install Bilingual Sign
Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Ohrid's Director for Pension and Disability Fund (PIOM) Samet Rizvani attempted to illegally install a bilingual sign at the entrance of the building that would include the albanian language. However, the sign was quickly broken by Ohrid residents who saw the bilingual sign as a provocation by the Director of PIOM.

Legally, no bilingual sign is allowed on a Governmental office where a minority is beneath 20%. In Ohrid, albanians are less than 1% let alone 20% of the population, thus the sign was unlawful and clear provocation by the Director of PIOM Mr. Rizvani who is an ethnic albanian.

Similar incidents have occured in other Macedonian cities where DUI appointed directors have placed bilingual signs on Governmental offices where there aren't any albanians.  Despite Court orders to remove the signs, they are still there.

Mr. Rizvani has vowed he will place a new bilingual sign in Ohrid whether that's legal or not. If we have learned anything with the current Government, no laws apply to ethnic albanians.


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