SDS MP meets with his US Handler - What to do Next
Wednesday, 29 March 2017

If there are more questions who is the "Umbrella" behind the wiretapping, and who is tasked to protect Zaev and Verushevski, well here is more photo evidence.

CIA operative David Stephenson member of the US Embassy where his official title is "political counselor" met with Damjan Mancevski of the SDS to discuss how to bypass the status-quo. To assist the two was none other but Lukas Holub, representative of the EU, which we have already outed as working for Jess Baily who is ironically in the US  answering questions why USAid gave millions to Soros who in turn funded the condom revolution in the country, the SDS and were used to bribe voters.

According to our sources in the SDS, these meetings occur at the very least weekly and sometimes daily, depending how critical the situation is. The meetings normally take place very late at night. This photo was taken by former ranking SDS official Ljupco Palevski who as he says is disgusted by the treason committed by SDS on daily basis.

So here you have it. Your broken Umbrella is the United States, has been since day one. The British, Germans and Italians who are also involved, are just happy to assist remnants of the Obama administration and obey whatever comes from the State Department/US Embassy. Still plenty of Obama|Nuland people at both places.

Tillerson has not replaced a single employee at the US Embassy in Skopje, and this sort of photos showing up in the public will likely continue.


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