Delusional Dimitriev: Macedonia has no alternative to EU
Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Speaking Wednesday at the European People's Party (EPP) Congress in Malta, Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev referred to the significance of the EU-integration for Macedonia and the country's role in the migrant crisis management.

Regarding the migrant crisis Macedonia has proven its capacity to share the European values and readiness to be part of a solution to a rather complex matter, Dimitriev said, adding that a coordinated action is also needed in the upcoming period as the threat is still present.

The EU membership is Macedonia's strategic goal, as well as an interest of the European and Euro-Atlantic family, as it will be a guarantor of the security, economic, political prosperity of the Western Balkan region, he added.

The region needs certainty with regard to its EU-integration, Dmitriev notified.

'The European Union is a community of values and principles. Therefore, (Western Balkan) countries need both vision and certainty,' Dimitriev said, notifying once again that the EU, NATO membership is Macedonia's main goal.
In this respect, Dimitriev underlined Macedonia's commitment to keep playing an active role in advancing the good-neighborly relations.

We are not sure if Dimitriev is mocking the EU particularly when he discussed the "values and principles", or is he really this delusional. Unfortunately, it appears to be the latter.


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