VMRO using tactic used by SDS and DUI to delay election of Parliament Speaker
Thursday, 30 March 2017

 SDS and DUI are desperate after VMRO-DPMNE is using the very tactic the opposition used in 2012 to endlessly delay vote on the new budget in Parliament.

At the time, SDS' Igor Ivanovski stood dozens of time at the podium to debate while the SDS issued 100s of ammendments to delay any vote on the budget.

DUI assisted the SDS in their quest, ironically it was Talat Xhaferi (the SDS' nominated MP for President of Parliament) who stood at the podium reciting poetry, only to replace reading with standing in silence. At the time the president of Parliament commission Cvetanka Ivanova claimed the MPs have the right to a debate, no matter what sort of debate it is.

VMRO MPs appear to have good memory from 2012, so they are employing the same tactic to endlessy debate and postpone the election of Parliament president for at least several months. The only difference is that VMRO-DPMNE is actually attempting to have a debate by questioning SDS MPs on the Tirana platform.

This debate could easily stretch into the summer. It's up to VMRO-DPMNE to keep the debate as long as they wish.


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