SPO Wants to Remove Supreme Court Judge from deciding on TV Nova case
Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Special Public Prosecutor's Office (SPO) asked that Supreme Court Chief Justice Jovo Vangelovski recuses himself from deciding in one of the detention orders which the SPO initiated.

According to the SPO, justice Vangelovski should not be allowed to decide in the case because some of his phone conversations were illegally recorded and are part of the cache of recordings which the SDS party made public and delivered to the SPO for further handling. "In accordance with the recommendations of the European Court for Human Rights, impartiality of the court is one of the basic guarantees for fair trial, and any suspicion of partiality should be removed", the SPO said in a press release.

The Prosecutors called for detention of businessman Sead Kocan, who they charged of filing fraudulent papers when applying for a public bid. Kocan is away from the country and the employees from his Nova TV station are calling the decision a partisan witch-hunt and an attempt to silence them for their critical reporting of the SPO and of the SDS party, which they accuse of coordinating with the Special Prosecutors. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OJO) filed a request with the Supreme Court to protect the legality of the procedure, which challenged Kocan's detention order. SPO wrote to the Supreme Court to say that it is withdrawing the OJO filing as the case is under their jurisdiction.


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