When do we take 46 villages in Albania populated by Macedonians?
Thursday, 30 March 2017

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 The Macedonian population in Albania is spread out along the eastern border of the country, there is a sizeable minority in the larger towns including the capital Tirana, however there are 46 villages populated solely by ethnic Macedonians.

Twenty two villages across the border, northwest of the Macedonian town Debar, in an area called Drim are ethnic Macedonian villages where Macedonian is spoken in every day life: The villages are: Vrnica, Malo Ostreni, Golemo Ostreni, Vichishta, Mirshe, Vladimerica, Gjinovec, Studna, Zabzun, Borovo, Klenje Kojovec, Leshnichani, Radoeshta, Sebisht, Steblevo, Trebishte, Smolnik and Tucheli. Between Makjelara and Peskupea there are additional three Macedonian villages: Gorna Krchishte, Dolna Krchiste and Erbele.

In the area of Gorija (northeast of Korca to Bilishta and Trstenik at the Albanian-Greek border towards Kostur is the Macedonian village of Vrnik.

In the area of Mala Prespa (south of the Prespa Lake) there are nine Macedonian villages: Tuminec, Gorna Gorica, Dolna Gorica, Globochani, Shulin, Pustec, Leska, Zrnosko and Cerje.

In the area of Gora (northeast of Kuks) there are nine ethnic Macedonian villages: Orshek, Cernolevo, Borje, Orgosta, Zapod, Kosharishta, Novo Selo, Orusha and Pashigja.

Macedonians are also concentrated in the larger towns across the country due to migrations first from 1915-1917 when they moved from Golo Brdo, Mala Prespa, Gora, Reka to Elbasan, Drach, Korcha, Bilishta, Skadar, Pogradec, Valona, Fier, Patos. The next migration wave towards these cities was in 1923, 1929, 1939. 

In Tirana, Macedonians are spread out in seven regions of the city.

Where is the Macedonian platform to first federalize and then incorporate these 46 Macedonian villages in our territory where they belong. Where is the initiative from the Government to take these villages back and save our people who simply had the misfortunes to find themselves in Albania? //Gorazd Velkovski


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