New Elections in Macedonia are a Must, whether the GMO Hybrids like it or not
Thursday, 30 March 2017

 What is the point of the protests across Macedonia? Have they resolved anything? In fact, the more these protests continue without resolution, the more cancerous the country becomes. What are the tactics for? Is it for the useless MPs in Parliament to continue getting paid? The gordian knot delicately tied by our 'tacticians' in Parliament has to be violently cut. The current tactics are not so much to review responsibilities as they claim, but to delay the punishment that’s coming, and it’s coming.

Our Parliament has become a pub where patrons hold discussions about nothing with the final goal of passing the day. It is utterly useless to spend weeks debating what western GMO hybrid Zoran Zaev agreed to with Ahmeti and Sela. We all know there must be elections in Macedonia whether peacefully or by force. We need to once and for all identify who is with the people and the country, and who is against, although the majority have already been identified.

The Macedonian political crisis was created when the crazed corporate-militant globalism faced off against normal humans and their societies. The former aiming for complete destruction of national identities and individuality and their replacement with new product without natural evolution thought out by a demented creator. How far this fascist project originally envisioned by Mengele has reached, we can tell from what is happening today in United States, Canada and parts of EU and are now forcing it on the entire planet. This lunacy has reached epic proportions in both the US and Canada where laws are already being enacted to transform their population into a GMO hybrid product with no consciousness or identity where everyone can choose their sex, at any time. There are now 31 types of GMO hybrid humans, despite warnings by leading American and Canadian psychologists that their countries are undergoing “a form of mental degradation creating problems with unprecedented consequences to society”.

In the US and Canada it is no longer sufficient to be feminist, gay, lesbian or transgender. Now, you can change your gender depending on how you’re feeling that day. In the afternoon you can be straight gay, in the evenings a transgender lesbian, and for breakfast something else. Parents are issued birth certificates where their baby is described as “genderless”. They have utterly lost their mind, and it would be prudent to mention that the British are following and implementing these “norms” with lightening speed. It's the AngloSaxon way.

These new 31 types of hybrids are already asking for their own separate tourist tours, they don’t want to mix with the “weird” humans known as males or females. They are asking for revision of history books where one can find freaks of their kind being mentioned as the leaders of societies. Yes, even hybrids with serious mental issues are seeking historical representation.
The problem is, these GMO hybrids have decided to force their own mental problems upon other nations as the new “societal norm” which must be accepted, by force if necessary.

Welcome to Macedonia where Western ops for the past decade have created a local GMO hybrids who publicly claim they have no identity, culture and language. These GMO hybrids are proposing that everyone in Macedonia should be just like them, an unidentified product, hybrid that someone else will tell it what it is, as if a lab rat. Our GMO hybrid duo Zaev-Sekerinska, their backers and the Tirana platform pushed in Macedonia is precisely doing that.  
Luckily for us, neither Zaev nor Sekerinska and certainly not the albanian political camp in the country are factors. The normal people with XX and XY chromosomes with Macedonian identity are the only factor.
We see pointless discussions in Parliament surrounding the agenda for great Albania. It matters not what the MPs are debating, all MPs know that this agenda and their useless debates are dead. It’s a no go. Elections are a must, both local and national, and this isn’t debatable.

If the useless MPs think that we’re not noticing that they are preparing the field for continuing the mandate of the illegal and unconstitutional SPO, they would be wrong. We're watching closely and we would not allow it. The SPO works closely with CIA’s OTI network and their operatives Mrs Shelby and Martinez are already sabotaging Macedonia, preparing the field, creating local GMO hybrids along the likes of Zaev who are trained to manage their local villages and towns as cantons and refuse orders from Government institutions. Similarly to the way it’s done in the US.

The mandate of the three SPO prostitutes and heroin addicts expires in April. This means Ivanov has a very short time to keep his office in Constitutional compliance. Whether by utilizing the police or the Army, Ivanov will have to act. And if he doesn’t, we will take matters in our hands. There are only two choices. Either you enforce the Constitution, or we will. //Mirka Velinovska


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