Desperate DUI mulls quitting Government
Friday, 31 March 2017

DUI has been mulling over the possibility of all of its officials quitting the technical government at a session Friday of the party's central presidency at its main headquarters in the village of Mala Recica.

"DUI's structures are pondering such an alternative that could play a role in unblocking the situation. Members of the presidency are considering the pros and cons of this move. Some believe the ministers after submitting their resignation would have to continue to perform their ministerial duties until a new government is appointed, while others believe that a collective ministerial resignation would unblock the stalemate," DUI spokesman Bujar Osmani told reporters in front of the party's headquarters.

According to him, local elections are also discussed at the session. "In compliance with the Constitution, mayors have four-year terms. They are going to expire next week, which will open a legal void in the functioning of the municipalities. DUI is going to discuss this void, too, including likely candidates that will run for mayors in the local polls and the process itself of scheduling local elections," Osmani stated.

DUI, the spokesman noted, is not interested in new elections, the party is only interested in unblocking the stalemate.

In new elections, DUI has the most to lose. It's clear the SDS will lose big time, which will pave the way for VMRO to establish a Government without DUI. However, in a SDS-led Government DUI will have virtually 90% control of the country as the SDS will give up almost all of the ministerial positions to DUI so Zaev can essentially avoid heading to prison.


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