SDS Loses BESA MPs, DUI Not Sure what to do, Jess Baily is in the US
Friday, 31 March 2017


DUI's leadership wrapped up their meeting, where the main topic on their agenda was to decide whether to quit the technical Government, however no decision has been made. Jess Baily's phone must be unavailable as the US Ambassador is in Washington where he is questioned on giving millions of Americans' taxpayers money to Soros to finance Macedonian protests and the destabilization of the country.

During the past year, it became very obvious DUI is under complete control of the US Ambassador, so much so Ahmeti would change his mind for just about anything after receiving a phone call from Baily's office. 

DUI's leadership is split and have had heated debates whether they should still obey Jess Baily and Soros considering the change in the US leadership. DUI's wing of Teuta Arifi, Nevzat Bejta and Izet Memeti believe the US democrats would overwhelm Trump and should continue their loyalty to Baily and Soros after which they will be rewarded.


In unrelated news, Zaev's support in Parliament has been reduced by 5 MPs  getting their total MPs down to 62, after the radical islamists in BESA withdrew their support for SDS led Government. BESA believed SDS' nomination of Talat Xhaferi for Parliament Speaker was wrong, but not for the reasons you think.

In 2001 Talat Xhaferi deserted the Macedonian Army and joined UCK where he was known as commandir Forina. However, BESA is ok with this, their problem is that Xhaferi may not be radical enough for them.


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