MINA's prediction for Serbia unraveling: Soros Bots attack Parliament & Monuments
Monday, 03 April 2017

Moments after Aleksandar Vucic victory was announced in Serbia, Soros bots were activated in Belgrade. Similarly to the Macedonian scenario, they too took to the streets damaging monuments and the Serbian Parliament.

If Serbian police follows in any shape or form their Macedonian counterparts, Serbia will be in a world of trouble.

Macedonian police allowed the Soros activists to terrorize the Macedonian capital for nearly a year, causing over $30m in damages to both private and public property.

To choke these western financed "revolutions", Belgrade needs to look to Belarus for guide. Minsk employed preventitive measures where hundreds of Soros activists were arrested before they could organize and do damage. Each time a US Embassy asks a Government to release someone from prison, it means job well done by the Government.


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