600 Aracinovo Residents Lose Power: SDS told them No Need to Pay Utility Bills
Tuesday, 04 April 2017

Macedonia's electric utility company cut the power to 600 people today in the village of Aracinovo located 12km outside the capital.

Skender Alimi, the SDSM representativ in Aracinovo, says Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski promised the villagers they would no longer need to pay their utility bills if they cast their votes for SDSM during the elections.

The ethnic albanian community in Aracinovo remembers the days in the 1990's when indeed they paid no utility bills during SDSM's reign in power. However, today, the utility companies are privatized, EVN is an Austrian company and its management isn't interested what SDSM promised to voters in Aracinovo.

As of last week, 600 people are without power who in turn took to the streets to protest (?!?) and vow they will not pay their utility bills. 

EVN issued a short press release stating Aracinovo residents will get their electricity back when they pay their bills.

SDSM has also promised ethnic albanians they will free the Kosovo terrorists involved in Kumanovo's Diva Naselba once they form a Government.


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