US Deep State Representatives visit Ivanov, offer him "anything he wants" to install Zaev
Wednesday, 05 April 2017


Today, we are all witnessing an orchestrated pressure by unelected EU bureaucrats working for the shadow US Government to bully the Macedonian president into giving a mandate to Soros/Clinton puppet Zoran Zaev. 

Apart from the foreign ambassadors in the country who function like governors, Mogherini, Hahn (wasn't welcomed), Tusk all showed up to do their part of the job, says Boban Nonkovic, MIA's correspondent from Brussels.

However, one thing that the public is unaware of is that Ivanov is visited and coerced by much more powerful players, however this is not being reported on.

During the past couple of days, Ivanov was visited by Dushko Knezevic, a high ranking mason from Montenegro  whose Atlas Foundation is sponsored from Rockefeller and Soros. Knezevic is also member of Clinton Global Initiative. The Montenegrin Soros bot represented Matthew Palmer , an American foreign affairs veteran, currently part of the Deep State, working for the US Bureau for Asia and Pacific within the State Department. Palmer is also a member of the Soros and Rockefeller organization known as Council on Foreign Relations.

Palmer's boss is disgraced Clinton cabinet boss John Podesta who has gone on the record saying he would always call Macedonia using the UN acronym. Simnilarly to Mogherini, Hahn and Tusk, Knezevic received the same response from Ivanov. However, the only difference is that Knezevic apart from the threats, made Ivanov an offer, telling him he would receive anything he wanted if he hands the mandate to Zaev. Only Ivanov can tell you what precisely he was offered, however, the main point is that Ivanov refused Knezevic's offer.

This desperate involvement of the US Deep State in Macedonia clearly shows they are panicking. The swamp is drained and since Trump made a huge cuts to their budget, the Hillary team is making desperate moves attempting to install their Murtino kamikaza in Macedonia so they can access and control the Macedonian budget. Yes. Hillary and Soros have complete control over the Albanian budget via their puppet Edi Rama. To keep the CIA wing of the Deep State alive they need their hands on the Macedonian budget as well, writes Nonkovic.

Saboteur Jess Baily spent an extended time back in the US last month, where he was made aware of what he has going against him (there is a lot). He will also be returning to the US for the Senate investigations on Soros funding where Baily himself is a part of. Namely, he will testify how millions of US taxpayers money ended up in the Soros coffers. 


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