US Beating War Drums over 5th False Flag in Syria
Wednesday, 05 April 2017

Bannon's removal at the NSC on the same day that Trump upped his rhetoric for war with Assad isn't a coincidence. Bannon has been an anti war advocate and wanted America out of the Middle East. Now here we are, being led down a ruinous road by a 35 year old Jared Kushner and Trump's generals, positioning for conflict in Syria over a "chemical weapons attack".

In regard to the chemical attack that has allegedly left few dozen dead, none of the information can be verified. The US has relied on statements by Al Qaeda as "proof"(!?!) What makes it even more clear that this was staged are the numerous tweets warning of upcoming false flag "chemical attack" 24 hrs before it allegedly happened, including the supply of gas masks to Al Qaeda two days before the incident.

Expectedly, only the US and the UK have bought into this false flag for obvious geopolitical reasons...regime change and carving up Syria to get their coveted gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria and into the EU.



Here is President Trump's response.

Thus far, the US has a President pursuing conflict escalations in both N. Korea and Syria. Everyone wants to be Churchill. But, Americans will get to feel the brunt, however.


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