SDS wants to bypass procedures and elect Speaker
Thursday, 06 April 2017

Macedonian MPs have continued debating for the ninth time Thursday as part of the constitutive session convened to elect a Parliament Speaker.

Sessions are mainly dominated by accusations traded between representatives of the VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM over the so called Tirana platform.

Citing the Parliament's Rules of Procedures, Oliver Spasovski of SDSM in the beginning of the session asked for support from 10 MPs in order to open the fourth item of the agenda and to vote for a Speaker.

"Since it is obvious that the debate is taken advantage of to drag on and blockade the Parliament, I'm asking for support from 10 MPs and Parliament to make a decision to halt the debate of this item and to open the fourth item on the election of a Parliament Speaker. The chairman of this session does not have the authority over this, Parliament does," stated Spasovski.

The session's chairman, Trajko Veljanoski said the Rules of Procedures was being observed at the session and it didn't permit a debate on an item to be interrupted and to skipright to the next one.

VMRO-DPMNE's Ilija Dimovski said Parliament was being subject to 'political violence'. He said that a commission on election and appointment issues should be set up first to pave the way for election of a Parliament Speaker.

Xhevat Ademi of DUI backed Spasovski's proposal to skip the third item and move forward with the election of a Speaker.

On Wednesday, SDSM lawmakers pulled out of replying to arguments on behalf of completing the session. They said the Parliament's Rules of Procedures was breached for the sake of prolonging the debate. 

The Commission on Election and Appointment Issues is made up of 13 members with VMRO-DPMNE being represented by six MPs, SDSM by five MPs and DUI and Besa by one legislator each.

The Parliament's constitutive session, kicked off on 30 December 2016, was interrupted after no parliamentary majority had been secured to elect a Speaker of the Macedonian Assembly.


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