"Strategic" Partner Jess Baily meets secretly with Zaev
Thursday, 06 April 2017


Tuesday at 5pm, the US Ambassador to Macedonia met secretly with SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at the party HQ in Skopje. According to Macedonian media , Jess Baily arrived surrounded by bodyguards and few operatives from the US Embassy.

Coincidentally, after Zaev's meeting with Baily, the SDSM is openly looking at staging a coup in Parliament. Yesterday, the SDSM left Parliament in the middle of the session, while today its MPs were getting increasingly aggresive and agitated.

Word got out that SDSM secretary Petre Shilegov has been tasked to stage incidents in Parliament after which an illegal vote will follow that will install either Sela or Xhaferi in charge of Parliament.

Once Macedonian protesters heard of this scenario, within seconds people brought in heavy machinery ready to demolish the Parliament. 


What precisely Jess Baily instructed Zaev to do will be known very quickly, likely in the next few days.


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