Skopje to subsidize purchasing bicycles
Tuesday, 11 April 2017



The city of Skopje will subsidize the purchase of at least 2.500 bicycles with up to 4.000 denars in 2017, in a push to boost cycling and reduce vehicle commutes.

Mayor Koce Trajanovski said that the city is also working hard on a major initiative to build two major east - west cycling routes that will be intersected by seven north-south connectors, with a total length of 51 kilometers.

One of the routers is considered completed, between Gazi Baba in the east and Karposh in the west, and soon route 2 will also be open, connecting Aerodrom with the downtown Centar area and west to Gjorce Petrov, in an uninterrupted cycling commute. Skopje's flat terrain allows for cycling, but the lack of prepared lanes makes it a difficult way to travel.


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