Why Zaeviqi can't give up the Tirana (CIA) Platform
Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Today is the 41st day where on average 150,000 Macedonians take to the streets across the country. This marks the longest and biggest protest in the history of Macedonia, particularly impressive feat since it's not organized by a political party.

People of all ages are taking part in the protest - the elderly, the young, the other day we even saw a blind person with his walking stick taking part.

Why this outrage among Macedonians?

Some call it the "Tirana" platform, a document which is designed to create a great albania,  but more importantly for the owner of the document, to create a regional conflict.

The document was created by John Brennan, part of the US Deep State, with input from MI6 and State Department's Victoria Nuland.

We have covered this dozen times, but the CIA director, from all the places on the planet chose to visit Tirana days before he quit his position. He brought the document to Edi Rama and gave his final instructions. Obama on the other hand, on his last trip to Europe visited Athens and Berlin to give his final instructions. Rama is a secretary in this plan, his job was just to call and invite Obama and Nuland assets in Macedonia known as DUI to give them their instructions.

However, the final punch was delegated to a Macedonian political party led by Zoran Zaev, a convicted criminal. Since DUI can never become a political force in the country, the role had to be carried out by a quisling Macedonian party. 

The SDS in the last four years became a terrorist organization working to undermine Macedonia. Zaev, as the leader of this terrorist unit first walked into the cabinet of the Macedonian prime minister where he blackmailed the PM to quit his post because he has millions of alleged recorded phone calls given to him by a western intel agency. This is the original coup. 

Since then, the SDS joined forces with Soros and is defacto controlled by various US, German and British 'NGOs'. The current parliament set up has five MPs who last year wore "Soros Army" shirts and painted monuments.

What makes all of this intriguing is that Gruevski has told Zaev to give up the CIA (Tirana) platform and he will give him his own MPs, or can form any sort of Government on his own. Zaev has refused this absurdly nice offer, he is sticking to implementing the platform.

Most would believe that Zaev is owned by the albanian mafia, and to a certain extent this is true. What sane person takes selfies with all the narco dillers in Macedonia?

Apart from the substantial cash (millions) Zaev has received from the albanian mafia, there is a much bigger picture at play. The Obama gang (US Deep State) has a diferent goal for this region. It's called "controlled chaos" Middle East style. Great Albania is a perfect solution for them as Albania is a lawless entity for decades. The US Deep State have complete control of Albania, this country and its budget belongs to the CIA. For over twenty years it is used as a training camp for terrorists, there are 4 massive camps where few thousand jihadis undergo training and are then sent to Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya... depending where they are needed to fight. In 2001 they were sent to Macedonia.

Albania is also the primary location where all illicit drugs are distributed to western Europe, and it's done legally, with NATO planes from Afghanistan (Kabul - Tirana, onto Paris, Berlin, London, Rome...). According to the CIA platform, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia would "become integrated", thus the two countries and the protectorate would become one large black hole under the control of the US Deep State. Drugs and weapons trafficking, training jihadis, organ trafficking and exporting terrorism will become our main business. Someone has to provide more hearts for Soros. Rockefeller got four from Kosovo.

Things are very intertwined and the picture is much bigger than what it appears at first. As a result, Zaev cannot even contemplate backing down from the 'platform'. However in all fairness, Zaev doesn't have the brain capacity for basic thought processing. Has it dawned on him why "genocide charges" were inserted in the document? A genocide charge legally imples that the alleged victim has the right to obtain by any means (including war) the territory where they allegedly lived now or in the past. //Gorazd Velkovski


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