VMRO MPs remain in Parliament to prevent a Midnight Coup
Tuesday, 11 April 2017

At 4pm today, numerous USAid and Soros funded TV stations and newspapers parked themselves in front of Parliament after they were told of "very good news" coming from the Macedonian Assembly.

The SDS attempted to stage a coup so invited their backers in the media to show up at 4pm to celebrate the event, according to popular Macedonian journalist Milenko Nedelkovski who posted details on his FB profile.

The SDS, says Nedelkovski had plan A and plan B. Under plan A, they would elect their Parliament speaker at the Boris Trajkovski sports arena. However, several MPs disagreed with this plan as it has no legal grounds and is anti-constitutional. All acts and laws must be carried out in Parliament.

Plan A was to elect a Parliament speaker in Parliament at the end of the working day, essentially stage a coup when MPs are leaving and no one is looking. The SDS told their MP's this can be done with ease as there were not that many protesters outside, only 600 (there were at least 15,000).

At 5:20pm, SDS planned in Ukrainian fashion to get their MPs Goran Misovski and Ljupco Nikolovski  push the Parliament speaker from his chair, someone from SDS seat in it and order a vote for new Parliament speaker. SDS would keep the Parliament speaker position for few weeks and it will then go to DUI, that was the plan.

However, several SDS MPs concerned with this "plan" contacted VMRO-DPMNE MPs.

As a result, several MPs from VMRO-DPMNE requested to speak. They debated until 6pm, which is the end of the day.

However, concerned that Zaev and SDS will be back in Parliament later in the night and attempt to vote and elect a new speaker, 20 VMRO-DPMNE MPs remained in Parliament as guards.


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