Kumanovo mayor Son-in-Law caught with 20,000 Euros at Serbian border
Thursday, 13 April 2017



The son-in-law of Kumanovo's mayor Zoran Damjanovski was stopped at the Serbian border where authorities confiscated nearly 20,000 euros in cash (18,000 euros, $700 and 15,000 denars).

It appears Damjanovski's son-in-law had a 'deal' to cross the Macedonian side of the border without problems, however was stopped on the Serbian side.

We have no official  information where the money were being taken, however everyone in Kumanovo seems to know that this was the third out of six payments the SDSM and Zoran Zaev is making to the Belgrade based "Kanvas" an entity with CIA ties specializing in regime change, known all over the world. 

The money were being taken to Srgja Popovic, the head of Kanvas.

The Belgrade based organization was hired by the SDSM in 2015 to stage the colored revolution, however due to attendance problems in Skopje, Kanvas ended up bringing over 300 protesters from Serbia, Greece even the Czech Republic to take part.

Damjanovski's son-in-law, Viktor Petrushevski is a high ranking SDSM member, member of the party's executive board.


Previously, Kumanovo news portals reported that substantial money were given to SDSM by UCK's handlers who entered Kumanovo's Diva Naselba as a "thanks" to mayor Zoran Damjanovski for not reporting them to the police.


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