Crisis started the day Macedonia signed agreement for Russian South Stream project
Thursday, 13 April 2017

The begining of the Macedonian crisis coincides with the signing of the Agreement between the Russian federation and the Macedonian Government - says deputy Minister of Interior during the 2001 crisis Natalija Ivcheva.

The original plan is for the gas pipeline it to go through Macedonia, however the same can also take route from Pirea towards Drac in Albania.

According to Ivcheva, the moment the Macedonian Government signed this agreement with Moscow, the US and its subservient allies begun to destabilize the country due to its important geostrategic placement as a highway between East and the West.

"Everytime the West needs to destabilize Macedonia, they use the albanians from Macedonia and increasingly often the Kosovars in case the locals don't play ball. Kosovo is the ultimate source of instability in the Balkans, ironically it is the home of a huge NATO base" says Ivcheva.

"In 2001 the border with Kosovo was guarded by a NATO peacekeeping force called KFOR. When I was deputy Minister of Interior, we officially told KFOR that terrorists from Kosovo are entering Macedonia. KFOR told us that those were 'tourists'. 


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