5.7 magnitude earthquake filmed underwater off the Philippines
Saturday, 15 April 2017

Stunning footage of divers caught in the middle of a terrifying underwater earthquake has emerged.
The divers were 18 metres (60 feet) deep as they explored the ocean floor near Mabini in the Philippines - known as the country's diving capital.

The footage, shot on April 8, shows sand lifting into the water as a chilling deep noise blares in the background.
Ocean plantlife can be seen shaking erratically as the ocean floor shifts beneath it.

The divers were planning on a deep training trip when they were caught unawares by the earthquake during their descent.
'It felt like there was a huge propeller of a big boat turning around directly above us,' the diver told Newsflare.

'We heard underwater the trembling of rocks under the ground and we felt the shock wave, it hurt our ears.
'The sea bed pumped up and down, immediately followed by a strong shaking of the ground and small rocks falling,' he added.

The group's dive leader immediately aborted the dive and no one was hurt, the diver said.

Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underneath the ground breaks along one of Earth's fault lines.
These fault lines are fractures under the Earth's crust where the huge plates of rock on either side of the break have slid past one another.

When these plates rub together or interact they release a huge amount of seismic energy which can make the ground shake.
Underwater earthquakes are responsible for tsunamis.

If the energy created by the quake is large enough it can create a devastating wave. 


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