President Ivanov in interview with Austrian Daily: Zaev's future is in Prison
Saturday, 15 April 2017

Formation of a government without given mandate is legally unfounded. Such a government would not be legitimate i.e. without constitutional basis, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said in the interview with Austrian daily Wiener Zeitung.

Asked whether it is possible parliament to choose government without given mandate by the President, Ivanov said that it is legally unfounded. This is just a wishful thinking. Such a government would have no legitimacy. This is clearly stated in our Constitution. According to Article 90 of the Constitution, only the President of the State can give the mandate for formation of a government. In such case there would be two governments. The current, which is a technical government and a government without legitimacy by the president, or without constitutional basis. This means we would enter into an even greater crisis, Ivanov said.

In the interview Ivanov explained that ever since the independence of Macedonia, the party that won the elections has been given the mandate to form a government. Following December 11 elections, I have done what my predecessors have always done: I give the mandate to the winner of elections to form of a government.

He said that VMRO-DPMNE party did not manage to form a coalition with the parties of the Macedonian Albanians within 20 days, in accordance with the Constitution. Precisely, the coalition was actually agreed. But at the last moment, a phone call occurred and the coalition collapsed, Ivanov said. Asked “who was the caller,” Ivanov answered: “You are journalist, you can investigate this.”


Asked what would happen if Parliament Speaker is elected and SDSM leader again agrees with the parties of Macedonian Albanians and wants to form the government, Ivanov said he would not give the mandate to such coalition.

I will not give the mandate to such a coalition, due to political reasons, Ivanov said, pointing out the Tirana platform as political obstacle.

Ivanov in the interview said that Tirana platform is direct interfering and endangering the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, and the content-related requirements are not only politically dangerous, but also unconstitutional.

Which European country would accept the platform of another state, to be the basis for formation of a government. If the independence of the state is threatened, if the state is put in an orderly condition and dependent on another country, it is considered a punishable act, Ivanov said.

Ivanov in the interview Ivanov pointed out Macedonian model of integration without assimilation.

We are a multi-ethnic democracy in which no one is discriminated because of nationality and no one is excluded. There are ethnic Albanians Ministers of Defence and Ministers for European Affairs in the government. We are a nation of citizens of Macedonia. The ethnic Macedonians, however, are a nation of their own because they have their right to their own state, he said.

This also applies to the Albanians. They have exercised their right to a separate state in neighboring Albania. Now even in Kosovo. If Macedonian Albanians want to be a constitutive nation in Macedonia, then they want the right of State to realize here, without taking into account the state borders of Macedonia. This is foreseen in Tirana platform. Then following Albania and Kosovo, Macedonia would be the third Albanian state, Ivanov said.

Tirana platform led to an institutional crisis, a blockade for the government, the failure in the election of a Parliament Speaker, Ivanov said and expressed disappointment with the EU, due to the absence of a condemnation for Tirana platform, which according to him, destroyed Przino agreement. Now we are in an institutional crisis that has nothing in common with the Przino agreement.

Ivanov in the interview clearly pointed out that Macedonia has no other strategic objective than its accession to the EU and NATO.

Asked whether the US should take a leadership role in the Balkans, Ivanov said that America is no longer what America once was. I believe the time of a Pax Americana is over.

In regard to the question on his views about the new US administration and new president Donald Trump, Ivanov responded that Trump should be given time.

Asked about the comments of the Russian Foreign Ministry on developments in Macedonia, Ivanov stated that Russia has never interfered in Macedonia, only expressing its opinion and that is legitimate.

Regarding the upcoming Austrian OSCE Chairmanship and the potential enhanced impact of Austria in the region, Ivanov said that Austria is a friend of Macedonia, but OSCE is powerless.

Ivanov in the interview said that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is not mature for the role he has been given. He has not only overestimated himself, but has also been overestimated by those who have given him this role. There must be a dialogue and compromise in politics and he does not want to talk. Every extorted coalition is unstable. The constitution is amended by a two-thirds majority. But Zaev will urge these laws to be passed in parliament, for me to veto many of them, and the Constitutional Court to initiate and overturn those laws. This will also do Zaev to accuse me of being anti-Albanian. Do you understand what a perfidious game he plays?

Zaev just wants to come to power. But, he lost the elections in December. He was blinded by the desire to come to power. Now he is in a delicate situation. Unable to come to power, could end up in prison, Ivanov said.

I do not threaten. Macedonian institutions at a given moment will act against him, will investigate all circumstances. For example, question who gave him the wiretapped conversations will be interesting, Ivanov added.

In the end there will be new elections, at some point. This is always the case in democracy. Whenever there is a blockade, everything ends with elections. But now those who created Zaev do not agree with elections, because they have invested a lot of money, a lot of authority in it. They are aware that this is a missed investment. Because with the platform he has accepted, the confidence in Zaev drops every day, Ivanov added.

We want integration, not ghettoization of the Albanians in Macedonia, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said in the interview with Austrian daily Wiener Zeitung.


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