Soros lobbyist Karl Bildt in Macedonia
Monday, 17 April 2017

Former Swedish PM and current Soros lobbyist Karl Bildt is visiting Macedonia meeting with various Soros and USAid backed NGOs and political leaders.

However, the list of people willing to meet with the former Swedish diplomat is dwindling by the minute.

The cabinet of Macedonian president Gjorgji Ivanov has stated the president has no intention to meet with Mr. Bildt.

The former Swedish diplomat entered into a twitter spat with the former primer minister of Slovenia Janez Janša, a spat which was closely followed in the Balkans.

Bildt appeared 'worried' about the escalating situation in Macedonia and "Russian influience" and suggested that the EU and NATO should intervene or at the very least hold military exercises in the region to show (us) who was the boss!? Janez Janša responded to Bildt that Macedonia is a democratic country and is being destabilizied by the very people that Karl Bildt works for.

The fact that Bildt is visiting Macedonia despite calling for military agression there says quite a bit about his ethical and moral standards.


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