Russian Defense Ministry: White Helmets Staged 'Sarin Gas Attack' Videos
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a statement regarding its investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria. 

Its initial findings: Despite their Academy Award, the White Helmets are B-List actors at best:

Two weeks passed after the alleged use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun. However, two videos made by the White Helmets are the only ‘evidence’ of the chemical weapon use. 

The statement points out that an actual WMD attack in Khan Sheikhoun is unlikely given that "there are no requests for special medicaments, antidotes, [or] decontaminants made by civilians or pseudo rescuers."

It continues:

Meanwhile, the number of unbiased experts, especially from western countries, asking these obvious questions increases every day.

These specialists cannot explain how representatives of the White Helmets managed to work for such a long period of time and remain alive without gasmasks and special protection equipment.

Probably because the White Helmets are either liars or magic Sarin wizards?

In other words: The Russians have found a very polite way of saying that the White Helmets staged the "Sarin gas attack" in Khan Sheikhoun. Surprise!


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