Rama: Albania will unite with Kosovo if EU doesn't admit us
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama issued a warning that he can't count out the possibility of unification between Kosovo and Albania, if European Union integration in the region is stalled. In an interview with Politico, Rama also dismissed accusations that he interfered in Macedonian politics by uniting the parties that represent ethnic Albanians behind the controversial Tirana platform.

"Asked if he would take a union with Kosovo off the table, Rama said: 'No, because the only way to keep the Balkans in this peaceful and cooperative mode … is to keep the path to the EU open, to keep the perspective clear, to keep emotions about the EU positive. No one would like to turn in on themselves and look for smaller unions, everyone would like to unite in the big union. But if there’s no hope, no perspective, no space, then, of course, little unions may happen'. Many fear a union between Kosovo and Albania would trigger a new upheaval in the Balkans, which descended into war in the 1990s as Yugoslavia was torn apart. Bosnia and Macedonia would be especially vulnerable if borders were thought to be up for grabs once again. Rama said a union with Kosovo was not 'my wish but a possible alternative to the closed door of the European Union'", Politico writes in its interview with Rama.

Regarding the Tirana platform, Rama says that he "merely facilitated" the meetings in Tirana between three parties that represent ethnic Albanians in the aftermath of the inconclusive elections on December 11th. The document that was produced from these meetings calls for changing of Macedonian national emblems and a wholesale redefinition of inter-ethnic relations, and President Gjorge Ivanov refused to give a mandate to social-democratic leader Zoran Zaev to form a Government, unless he rejects the Tirana platform.

Rama says that he suports the positions of the Albanian parties expressed in the platform, even as he denies that it was written in Tirana. He is right on this one, it was written in Langley by John Brennan's team.

Serbian officials meanwhile have slammed Edi Rama and his Euro sponsors for his frequent remarks that will lead to inevitable war. "If Rama thinks Serbia will give up Kosovo to Albania, he needs to think again" says Marko Gjuric, the Director for the Office of Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia has invested billions into the Kosovo infrastructure over the past 30 years. Needless to say, official Belgrade will go to war to retain their investment.


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