Mufti Zaeviqi attempted to create Parallel Government structures
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

SDS leader Zoran Zaev gathered the three minority albanian political parties BESA, DUI and the Alliance at Skopje hotel Alexandar Palace, in an effort to create parallel Government and institutions, following the example of Lybia where two Governments exist: one 'recognized' and sponsored by US-led NATO and a legitimate Government that's supported by the people.


Alliance's Zijadin Sela, cheered on the decision to create parallel structures in the country, states former high ranking SDS official Ljupcho Palevski. However, it was DUI's Ahmeti who didn't think Zaev's idea would work out very well for them. First of Ahmeti is already part of the Government and is in no hurry. Any unconstitutional move will not just result in DUI being thrown out of the Government, but will likely lead to jail time. So as Palevski's himself wrote, "Ahmeti has put some thought into it, and is not like Zaev who uses his head only for haircuts".

What will it take to jail Zaev at this point we simply don't know, clearly the country is disfunctional.

Here is Palevski:


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