March for united Macedonia resumes after Easter Break
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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Supporters of the United Macedonia Initiative, who took to the streets of Skopje on Tuesday for the 51st time in a row, reaffirmed their demand for preserving the country's unitary status and strong opposition to the so-called Tirana Platform.

Taking the usual route from the Government's to Parliament's building, protesters once again extended gratitude to President Gjorge Ivanov for refusing to meet various second and third-rank European bureaucrats working for foreign agendas.

'We encourage Gjorge Ivanov to keep defending Macedonia's sovereignty,' Bogdan Ilievski, one of the protests organizers, told the crowd. On Friday the initiative will present a concrete plan and send significant messages for settling the political crisis, he added.

Prominent Macedonian pianist Elena Misirkova said the initiative's march was aimed at all-Macedonian unification.

MPs, she said, must not forget that citizens have chosen them, and hence they should 'respect the sovereign, unitary Macedonia'.

Today, despite the cold and rainy weather, the 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized rallies in several cities across the country


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