Jess Baily kicked out as Persona Non Grata from Turkey before arriving as US Ambassador to Macedonia
Thursday, 20 April 2017

Soros minion and US Ambassador Jess Baily was kicked out of Turkey as a persona non grata where with USAid and Gulen orchestrated the Taxim square "revolution" which later progressed and transformed into a failed military coup.

This simple caveat apparently was not important enough for the Macedonian Government to block Obama's introduction of saboteur Jess Baily as the new US Ambassador to Macedonia. The Turkish Government has marked Mr. Baily as a terrorist with permanent ban to enter Turkey! Since this is an embarassment of monumental proportions, it was never reported.

In Macedonia, the US Ambassador got down to business and transferred his illegal activities from Ankara to Skopje.

Since Baily's arrival, assisted by USAid, the new US Ambassador diverted millions of US taxpayers money to fund the destabilization of the country:

- Funded opposition leftists media

- Funded Leftists political parties

- Funded Leftists NGOs

- Funded Soros Open Society NGO

- Funded protests that resulted in the destruction of Public and Private property

- Funded attorneys to represent illegal migrants

- Threatened Macedonian Court Officials

- Exerted pressure on Constitutional Court judges

- Involved with fraudulent election process, pressured the SEC to change results

- Przino Agreement

- Direct communication with terrorists in Kumanovo, threatened Macedonian police to let the terrorsits go free

Keep in mind, on paper, the US is a strategic partner of Macedonia. If this is a partner, then what do our enemies look like?

In fact, it's such a strategic partner, the US Embassy has already enacted a plan in place for their 500 staff how to flee Macedonia, Vietnam style, with helicopters landing on top of the building. Out of all the Macedonian quislings working for Soros and the so called US Criminal (not deep) State, Dnevnik reports only a certain local agent nicknamed "Tesla" will be able to flee together with saboteur Jess Baily. Everyone else (Katica, Zaev, Fatime, Gero, Sekerinska...) will remain as their services of a used condom will be complete.

Agent Tesla, reports Dnevnik, is too important for the US as he knows of and has been involved in a plethora of American criminal activities not just in Macedonia, but the region. From drug trafficking with the CIA and the albanian mafia, bribing local mayors,  massive money laundering schemes, exclusive yachting trips with members of the albanian mafia, the list is endless, reports Dnevnik. He is also very clever and has protected the information in case the US tries to take him out, and they know this.

Agent Tesla is so important to the US Embassy, that he personally sent correspondence to the US Criminal (Deep) State, different from the briefings sent by the US Embassy. How did this quisling get to such high prominence and trust within the shadowy US Government? According to Dnevnik's sources, agent Tesla started first working for the DEA, which is how he got involved with drug trafficking with the CIA and the albanian mafia in the first place.

This quisling is well known to the Macedonian security service, and apparently to Dnevnik as well, however they do not uncover his identity, only that most people know him well. He was often seen in the presence of different US Ambassadors over the years and he is not from the Macedonian capital, reports Dnevnik.

Now, saboteur Jess Baily and USAid are being sued in the US by Judicial Watch, and this is very serious. His illegal activities and sabotage will now be public, for everyone to see. His diplomatic career is essentially over.

Baily has already met with US Senators who questioned him on his 'work' in Macedonia. According to Dnevnik's sources, Mr. Baily is a bigger slimeball that most of us could even imagine. He was close to crying during the investigation and claimed that he really wanted to help Macedonia and wasn't sure why people didn't like him there!? Typical Soros minion. Now it's all in the hands of US Courts.

Lastly, there are two remaining Soros puppets in the Balkans. Albania's Edi Rama, and Kosovo's Thaci. Both form Europe's narco depot bastion. They both recently proclaimed "Great Albania" if Brussels doesn't accept them in the fold. The real question is whether in few years time there will be a small Albania.  //Gorazd Velkovski


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