And the Winner is... Mitko Burcevski aka Agent Tesla
Saturday, 22 April 2017

Yesterday we reported on a Dnevnik's piece about agent Tesla, a man who has worked against Macedonia since the opening of the US Embassy in the country.

We have to admit, one of our contributor guessed immediately who it was, but frankly we couldn't be sure because there are at least dozen individuals that we could count think of that have dedicated their lives to working against Macedonia.

However, now we can confirm agent Tesla is Mitko Burcevski. He has been the only quisling who has held high level jobs within the US Embassy, shoulder to shoulder with CIA operatives since the day Macedonia became independent. US Ambassadors came and went, the only one who stayed was Mitko Burcevski, that's the level of trust the US Deep State has for this quisling.


Gruevski playing basketball against his strategic enemy.

His daughter is Jana Burcevska. Last year she painted monuments as part of the Soros movement. This year she will represent Macedonia at the EuroVision contest. MTV selected her after the US Embassy and SDS minion Santa Argirova was appointed in charge of the national TV broadcaster prior to the elections. Although Argirova spent barely 2 months in charge of MTV, it was during the time when a decision had to be made who is going to represent the country at the EuroVision song contest. Jana's pick was a gift by the US Embassy for Agent Tesla.

Argirova today manages the latest US Embassy investment, newsportal Makfax.

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During an escape procedure, Dnevnik reported the US Embassy would only take Mitko Burcevski (Agent Tesla) to the US as Baily's personal baggage.


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